Annual compliances are important for a producer company to make sure that it has a good legal standing. Failure to follow through invites heavy penalties. Get in touch with us to start the compliance filing.


Annual Compliance for Producer Company

Compliance refers to certain forms that are needed to be filed by the companies. These forms are mandatory in accordance with the Companies Act.

If you are a producer company, then you need to file your compliances rightly and on an annual basis in order to make sure that your company has a good legal standing.

Failure to adhere to the compliances can cause the government to hit you with varying degrees of penalties that extend from paying the punishment fees to company closure as well.

This might have given you an idea that the compliances are not optional, you need to follow through with them.

Documents Required

  1. Memorandum of association
  2. Article of association
  3. Directors identity proof
  4. PAN cards of the directors


For one, you do not have a choice when it comes to annual compliance for your producer company. However, the following reasons are the main ones when it comes to the reason behind the compliance.

  1. It is mandatory: We cannot lay stress upon this fact enough that compliance is utmost necessary for a producer company. If you do not follow through with them, there might come a time that you are heavily penalized.
  2. Retention of the employees: When it comes to compliance, there are certain ones that are meant for the employees of the company.
  3. It will improve the efficiency of your company: if you want to increase the returns to the stakeholders of the company, you better follow through with the compliance. Through compliances, you are more accountable and as a result of that, you will be a lot more efficient.
  4. There is going to be smooth operation: many see compliance as a hassle. We are not denying that is kind of is. However, if you follow through with them on time, the government won’t nag you and this is good motivator if you want a smooth operation for you:


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